Why I’m Leaving Google After 100 Months

Stacie Chan
3 min readJan 29, 2022

Eight years of anything is an incredibly long time, but it still feels like it wasn’t enough.

It wasn’t the free food, massages, or free transportation (all of which were incredibly generous, but the pandemic made me realize were superfluous.)

It was the impactful, challenging work, and, of course, the people that built up a dynamic, inclusive culture. Google will definitely go down in history books as pioneering the right kind of place to work and grow. Google truly was the happiest place on earth (to work.)


8 of my favorite work projects, in no particular order:

  1. Cameos short videos for Creators (including yours truly)
  2. Flood Forecasting AI in Bangladesh
  3. Launching Google for Jobs worldwide
  4. Building the Google News Publisher Center
  5. Launching publishers on AMP, a new web standard
  6. Real-time Elections results across Asia
  7. Google for…[Country]” events to showcase how our products help people everywhere
  8. Testing my budding entrepreneurial skills in Area120, Google’s startup incubator…


I was sick to my stomach anticipating telling my manager that I was leaving Google. But the moment the words started tumbling out, she couldn’t have been more supportive of me, and told me how proud she was. It was like that dreadful moment climbing up the rollercoaster, then free-falling only to catch your breath seconds later on the descent. Relief washed over me, and I reached equilibrium again. The rollercoaster continued all week, with some dips but mainly highs as I told each colleague by phone, chat, video, and even face-to-face that I was leaving.

Every single friend couldn’t have been more effusive in their encouragement. This honest-to-goodness support is why I have been lucky enough to make some of my best friends at Google. They aren’t “ex-coworkers” to me, rather advisors, confidantes, and friends who will always have my back, wherever the next adventure takes me.

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