The Magical Underwater World in the Philippines


Not gonna lie… I almost peed my wetsuit :X

Diving through caves and beyond

During another dive we descended and had to weave our way through a narrow cave.. definitely not for the claustrophobic. At the entrance, we were greeted by a giant spindly shrimp the size of a medium-sized dog. The divers with their GoPros clamored around it, while I was perfectly content in the back to let them snap their photos. The shrimp seemed almost regal perched in its coral throne, immune to the group of humans oogling at its size.

The full spectrum of ROYGBIV on display
I can’t remember if this was Flotsam or Jetsam ;)
Re-enacting our own Jack and Rose moment

The breathtaking sun and water

And none of the diving or snorkeling could be possible without the piercingly crystal waters of the Philippines. From the shore you can wade into perfectly clear water. Then as you lift your gaze into the horizon, the color becomes a gradient of turquoise unlike any water color you can see outside of Southeast Asia. When the sun is high overhead, the water blindingly sparkles at you, as if daring you to come splashing in.

The ocean is so blindingly bright and gorgeous it hurts.
I’m secretly glad photographs don’t do the sunrise and sunsets justice. You just have to be there.

Always room for gluttony: food and massages

Filipino food for some reason really hasn’t gained notoriety outside of the Philippines, but I absolutely love it. I mean, what’s not to love about greasy pork belly, fried pork, lots of rice, no vegetables, and more pork? To cool off from the humid heat, I indulged in 2–3 mango shakes every day that were perfectly sweet and refreshing. There’s a reason the dried mangoes at Costco are simply branded “Philippines”…



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Stacie Chan

Stacie Chan


California girl gallivanting around the globe, writing about travel, food, life, and everything in between