Romantic Solo Trip in the Maldives

Stacie Chan
6 min readJul 6, 2020


Just in the past year, several of my couple friends have selected the Maldives as their honeymoon destination. It’s one of the most romantic and remote places in the world where you can lounge in one of those bungalows on stilts floating above the ocean. All day long, you can relax in all-inclusive resorts and booze it up, only to be bothered by mealtimes. I decided to check out the Maldives… with my parents… And their couple friends. And it was just as fantastic as any honeymooners’ trip!


  1. Scuba diving: I’ve been scuba diving in some pretty magical places, but I think the Maldives tops my list. Gliding alongside the marine life was so surreal and beautiful, I started ugly crying into my face mask.
  2. Seaplane ride: to get to the Maldives, you still need to take a seaplane to one of the many islands. During the 45-minute ride, we soared over the most spectacularly turquoise and aquamarine oceans.
  3. All-inclusive Kuredu resort: all the food and drinks you can eat. The cocktails give a sugar high more than a buzz, so I stuck to beer and wine. And boy, did we live like fat cats…
The islands almost looked like amoebas floating in the ocean.

Seaplane ride: After flying into Male, the Maldivian capital, I hopped onto a seaplane at sunrise to fly to the stunning resort island of Kuredu. I avoid flight layovers at all costs, but seaplanes are the only way to descend upon the famous Maldivian archipelago, and the flight is a treat in and of itself. The tiny prop plane flies just high enough that the islands look like shifting amoebas in a petri dish surrounded by the bluest gel you’ll ever see. Make sure to grab a window seat!

Landed! And so ready to 3rd wheel…

Scuba diving: To avoid the sickeningly sweet couples on their honeymoons (C’mon, do you really need matching t-shirts that say “Wife” and “Husband” on them?? *eye roll*), I spent most of my recreational time falling in love under the water. I paid for a quick “Diver propulsion vehicle” (or scooter) certification so I could swim in waters with a…



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