My Ultimate Singapore Food Guide

Stacie Chan
9 min readJun 21, 2021

In commemoration of my beloved Singapore, this is an Ode to my former adopted country: the Ultimate Singapore Guide of the “best-of” restaurants from Peranakan to Hawker Center to Afternoon High Tea to pizza. Picking these restaurants was like picking a favorite child… difficult, but everyone has one ;)

I didn’t use an algorithm of factors, but mainly considered food quality, ambience, wow factor, bang for your buck, and my own personal experience. If you’re lucky enough to travel to the Little Red Dot, make sure to try these outstanding joints, and let me know how much you loved them.

Cloudstreet: Make sure you find yourself a bestie neighbor who’s willing to splurge on exorbitantly priced meals.

BEST RESTAURANT: Cloudstreet: this restaurant will cost you a pretty penny, but it does everything right. Each of the 11 dishes is memorable, and the dining staff treats you like you’ve been friends forever. The interior decor and floral arrangements are the prettiest in all of Singapore.

  • Runner-up: Odette- the 3-star Michelin restaurant consistently and deservedly pulls the title of №1 restaurant in Singapore. The French dinner here is an unforgettable 4-hour experience set in the National Gallery in Singapore, designed in pastels and soft shades of blush (my favorite color palette.)


Best HAWKER CENTER: Hawker Centers are perhaps Singapore’s most signature experience, with over 100 on…



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