Israel: the Land of Hutzpah and Hospitality

Yes, paradise does exist, and I found it in Tel Aviv.
  • Friday Shabbat dinner: Every week without fail, Israelis get together with friends and/or family for a traditional dinner. Nothing fancy — just good, simple food, an abundance of wine, and great company. And when it’s on a rooftop of the chef’s house in cool 72 degree weather, there is absolutely no more perfect gathering.
  • Machane Yehuda market, Jerusalem: It’s a new world in this marketplace, with orthodox Jews, Muslims, and every religious group all finding common humanity over food.
  • Dead Sea: Get a high in the lowest place on earth. I thought I was going to be the one person on the planet who couldn’t manage to float on the Dead Sea. But with that much salt concentration, I promise everyone can float in the water ;)
  • Jaffa: Walk around the coolest “old” neighborhood in Tel Aviv. Saunter across multiple cobblestone blocks to see the most breathtaking views of the city, and even get offered a free lunch inside an artist’s studio.

Tel Aviv

Friday Shabbat dinner atop a roof under the stars
I guess Israeli moms don’t tell you to not play with your food…
The incredible studio of Ilan Adar.
Wishing for nothing more than being in the present :)
Israeli street art makes me jump for joy.
Neve Tzedek = fashion + culture
Sitting at the VIP table right next to the DJ.
The coolest gallery atop Cuckoo’s Nest, an antique shop turned bar/restaurant
We’re totally bringing the “tiny hearts” Korean craze to Israel, starting at The Old Man and the Sea
The silkiest tahini and crisp to perfection pita

Masada + Dead Sea Day Trip

Blissfully buoyant in the Dead Sea
Feeling on top of the world at the Masada in the Judean Desert.


Breakfast of champions at Delicatessen
Olives were just one type of food available at Sarona Market.
Snack on endless foods inside Carmel Market.
My long-lost cousins at Cafe Puaa


A library of whiskey in Sarona Market.


Another “Bullet to the Head” please!
Polaroid memories of Bellhop. Not-pictured: delicious cocktails with odd party favors

Other activities

The group was all smiles at the Baha’i gardens.
Waiting in line to nom at Falafel HaZkenim
Produce shopping doesn’t discriminate based on religion.
Trying various chasers of arac: pomegranate, orange, all strong…
Jesus’ tomb X_X
“Dear God, please protect everyone on earth and give everyone the opportunity to good health, happiness, freedom and education.”




California girl gallivanting around the globe, writing about travel, food, life, and everything in between

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Stacie Chan

Stacie Chan

California girl gallivanting around the globe, writing about travel, food, life, and everything in between

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