Girls’ Roadtrip around New Zealand

Bombs away!! (Bonus points for touching the water)


  1. Bungy jumping: I swore I’d never do this in my entire life, which is precisely why I had to do it at the birthplace of Bungy jumping
  2. Roadtripping: Long car rides typically make me nauseated, but with views as stunning as New Zealand’s, the unbelievable scenery made the hours pass by quickly
  3. Helicopter ride to Franz Josef glacier: we felt light as a feather as we delicately landed on this massive living block of ice
Striving for perfect form after jumping off the ledge
Plunging into the Kawaru river is definitely one way to snap back into consciousness.
Comin’ in hot!
Look ma, no hands! (Thank you, carabiners, for your stability.)
Photoshoot by the solitary tree in the middle of Lake Wanaka
Pontificating about the meaning of life at the “8th Wonder of the World”
Talk about door-to-door service: the helicopter landed us directly on the glacier.
Attempt at starting a K-pop girl band on a glacier… then not taking ourselves seriously.
Glenorchy offers easy trails to hike and chase birds.
Roadside hugs are necessary to break up the drive and enjoy the scenery.


At the top of Key Summit taking in the crisp air and gusts of wind
Grace hightailing it up the mountain… while still looking adorbs
I didn’t know water could be this blue #nofilter


  • Drinking beers by the river: New Zealand does their craft beers right, and at a reasonable price. There’s a small creek that flows through Queenstown’s downtown, where you can picnic by the banks. At sunset, we grabbed a six-pack of beers and chilled by the river.
  • Fergberger: the Queenstown eatery was worth breaking my “no red meat” rule. These massive burgers are everything a burger should be: a juicy, perfectly medium-rare patty on a fluffy brioche bun with your choice of toppings. All three of us sat down, prepared to have leftovers, but subsequently demolished the entire burger that was the size of our heads. They also have a sister bakery next door where you can get freshly baked pastries. Do get the almond croissant :P
“No red meat” rules can be broken when the burger is this good.
  • Blue Kanu: there’s a delicious Hawaiian/fusion restaurant in Queenstown that was the closest thing to Asian food we had the whole trip. They have a great “Feed me” option, essentially a 4-course omekase of their most popular dishes for $65 AUD.
  • Vudu Cafe: this place has DA BEST, most indulgent brunch. We got the avocado toast, of course, plus a delicious kale salad (says the Californian), and a ginormous piece of carrot cake. Sit in the outdoor patio where you can people watch around the busy riverwalk, which often has aspiring musicians crooning their hearts out.
Vudu Cafe had every sinful dessert imaginable in super-size-me portions.
  • Big Fig Wanaka: reasonably priced yummy comfort food that had a good selection of veggie options. We definitely had not been getting our 4–5 servings of vegetables in the land of meat and carbs, so this was a welcome reprieve.
Stunning pastel sunsets in New Zealand



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