11 Ways an Extroverted Control Freak is Surviving #CircuitBreakerSG

Stacie Chan
9 min readMay 14, 2020

And can do another month if I have to…

It was a punch to the gut on April 7: restaurants closed, takeaway only; you can’t hangout with anyone you don’t live with until May 4. And then the straw that (almost) broke the camel’s back came April 21: the circuit breaker would be extended until June 1. For someone who has her life planned in hourly blocks (ok, sometimes 15minute intervals), this was my worst nightmare. All social plans went out the window, and I had lost control of how I was going to live the upcoming weeks.

After 2 years of never having cooked in Singapore, I am suddenly Martha Stewart…almost.

But I went into a different planning mode: I proactively scheduled out the first 30 days with an event each day, whether it was virtual hangouts/meals with friends, or productive activities. Plus I picked up hobbies I had never tried before.

Here are 11 ways I survived/ will survive until June 1!

  1. Cook & bake
  2. Drink… alcohol
  3. Exercise a ton
  4. Intermittent fasting
  5. Record podcasts
  6. Read
  7. Write
  8. Sleep
  9. Learn, donate & become politically active
Dance parties with friends are still possible via a screen!

10. Maintain a “normal” social calendar

11. Express gratitude: family & friends

Cook & bake: My stove and oven hadn’t worked in the 2 years I lived in Singapore. I didn’t even have a fork or knife in my kitchen. There were days when I could unplug my fridge because there was nothing in it. At its fullest, it housed white wine and yogurt. You get the idea.

I had somehow packed a few items when I moved from San Francisco, but I had to buy a knife, spatula, pan, and cupcake tin… even salt and pepper (embarrassing, I know.) Recently, I splurged on an electric hand mixer so I could whip up baked goods when I could no longer ignore my sweet tooth.

Thank goodness for the internet (and boundless amounts of time) that contains a treasure trove of extremely simple recipes for even the biggest n00b chef…

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